Reflection on Taiwan Trip

This Taipei trip was the first ever trip I planned. I am lucky to have been able to complete the trip pretty much successfully with the company of my two good friends, Alex and Murtadha.

The research I did, the survey for flight tikets and tips on travelling I read along the way have been somewhat overwhelming and definitely useful. I enjoyed the whole process and am eager to do it again in the near future.

If I am ever got a chance to do it again, here are my evaluation:
1) Plan a trip with carefully planned budget.
2) Do not over spend on food.
3) Buy flight ticket far before the travel date.

Lastly, my aims for writing my experiences are
1) To be able to remember the trip (other than taking pictures)
2) Let other people use the information I have written as guide, if they plan to visit Taipei. I feel only fair if I contribute to people who love to travel
3) Improve my writing skills (structure, grammar, description, etc.)



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