Day 2: Bangkok

Breakfast at KC Place was so good! For THB120, I could enjoy a delicious fried chicken noodle with refreshing pineapple juice. A very good morning Bangkok!

Itinerary: Madam Tussauds, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Patphong.

We went to Bangkok’s Madam Tussaud’s at its opening time at 10 am. I’ve been to Madam Tussaud’s long ago in 2002 in Amsterdam. I thought it was time to visit it again and take lots of pictures with many famous people! I bought the tickets online at a cheaper rate. Even cheaper, visiting it before noon. It was THB480 per person. We took cab for THB100 to Siam Discovery Centre.

As expected, there were lots of famous faces in Madam Tussaud’s (Of course!) I tried to imagine my face to be there but I immediately stopped. It’s just not possible! The inspiring people really deserved to be there! We spent an hour taking lots of pictures, mocking the poses of the wax statues. There were many props to try on too.


We went out to see the remaining of the protesters at the closed junction in front of the siam area. There were local presenters on stage who explained the atmosphere there in english. Tomorrow’s the voting day and they plan not to vote. There were other camp areas around Bangkok doing the same thing. I wonder what would happen tomorrow!


At 1200 noon we headed to the famous weekend market, Chatuchak. We took Siam BTS for THB47 per person towards Mo Chit BTS where the market is located. We wanted to take the tuktuk and offered THB150 for the three of us. We got rejected. So going by the train was probably the best way to go to the market. I noticed tourists on the train who were going to the same place as us. It was the perfect timing to go to chatuchak for lunch.

Chatuchak, omg, chatuchak. Lots of things were there. This is the place to buy gifts and try street food of Thailand! The place was packed with tourists. It reminded me of Taiwan’s Shilin Night Market, but this one opens since morning! The weather was hot but nothing stopped me from walking around under the hot sun. Try the fresh orange juice or the coconut ice cream to cool yourself down. Don’t forget to try the unbeatable Thailand’s original mango sticky rice, which I bought twice for THB40 each. I also tried Pad Thai, a Thailand dish of thick fried noodle served with nuts and bean sprouts.


Chatuchak was endless. It wasn’t like the stores sold the same thing. Some stores had really nice stuff you can bargain. And at a location that big, with hundreds of small shops packed so closely, the good shops in Chatuchak were almost found at random. I saw a shop selling nice bags for THB200 (SGD8!) and bought three at THB170 each after bargain. I recommend coming to Bangkok on weekends and make two short visits to Chatuchak. Prepare enough cash before browsing. It was troublesome for me to get some cash at the money changer and returned to the shop I wanted to buy things from. I couldn’t find the shop at the end. I think it’s good to remember the shop location if you wish to return. There were numbers for each lane and shops’ locations.


Shopping at Chatuchak was like:
PLEASE I can’t shop anymore! … How much is that?

We left Chatuchak at 1700hrs. We were there for almost 5 hours. Luckily I had my loyal traveling shoes on. They are very comfortable for long distance walking. I don’t feel fatigue on my feet after walking that long. I could only feel tired on my calf and lower back. So I think my shoes serve me well so far.


We rest at the hotel for 2 hours before headed out for a nice THB415 dinner. That was for a delicious (probably the best) Tom Yam soup, chicken with basil leaves, a morning glory water spinach and two really nice cold milk tea.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Siem Reap, we’re coming for you! Be nice to us please…



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