Johor Bahru

So my cousins were talking about what to do since they have another two nights in Singapore. We decided to have lunch at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

We had a late night movie session (at home) yesterday and woke up pretty (late this morning. We left the house at 1130hrs.

To go to Johor Bahru from Singapore, go to Kranji MRT station and take bus 170 from the bus stop right outside. It will get you to Woodlands checkpoint.

The immigration process is simple. Alight at Singapore checkpoint to get your passport stamped or scanned before going out of Singapore. Then get on the same bus or any Singapore public transport which will be waiting for you downstairs. And then after crossing Johor Strait, the bus will stop at the Malaysia checkpoint. At this point, after getting your passport stamped, you’ll be on your own.

We went looking for a place to eat outside the City Square mall for almost an hour under the hot sun. My shirt was already wet. But with a lunch so good, the effort was worth it.


Better than good, lunch was great! I ate Nasi Padang, Padang-originated style dish (Padang is the capital of West Sumatera, Indonesia). It includes steam rice with pre-cooked dish of your choice. The three of us ate for a total of RM24 with 3 ice tea with milk or what the locals called Teh Beng (pronounced as ‘Ping’). Compared to the same kind of dish in Singapore, the price of the food we ate was simply more than satisfying.


After we ate, we visited a Hindu temple nearby and took picture in front of it. There was also this building, that looks like an old fortress. It also looked like a building from the colonial times. As it was a hot, very humid weather, we chose not to walk up the hill where the building was. We decided to walk back to City Square.



Knowing that it was just 1400hrs, we were not ready to go back to Singapore. I mean for sure we could do something else. So we did! We watched Robocop for RM14 per person. That is SGD5.35 for a movie. In Singapore it costs SGD9.50 for a movie. But I love Singapore. Leave it at that.

We were done with the movie at 1700hrs and headed back to Singapore. It was so convinient to enjoy stuff at a cheaper rate at City Square. The Malaysia checkpoint is connected to the mall. It was almost like visiting a place within Singapore.

Well, it was fun to have a sudden plan. Lots of new experience! Hopefully there will be more.



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