Travel doesn’t mean out of the city

It’s not even a month since my last trip overseas and already I’m hoping to travel again to see things out of the ordinary.

I’m currently taking full-time Chinese course, thinking that if I could at least converse in it, I’m all set to go to anywhere I wanna go! That’s probably the biggest motivation I have, learning the complicated language. Aside from traveling, of course, knowing Chinese would mean better career options for me in the future.

Traveling outside Asia seems to be too huge for me now for various reasons. But that’s fine because even though I live in Asia my whole life, there’s so much to see and explore. The world is too huge to be explored but that kind of thinking motivates me even more because the possibility is endless.

I’m willing to forget about the world for now, though. (Not for long, of course.) I’m living in Singapore, a small island-country not even visible in the world map. It’s located right beside the mid point of Sumatra Island of Indonesia, where it meets the tip of West Malaysia. (Hopefully my description is clear enough). My everyday routines make a country so small, too big to explore. All I do is go to school and go home, with occasional visit to the nearby shopping mall.

That makes me wonder, why do I want to go overseas so much when there is quite a number of things to explore here?

So I have been researching about the difficult-to-reach places in Singapore and surprisingly, there are many blogs about it! Singapore is so famous about its skyscrapers and artificial sceneries, even most of the locals forget about the abandoned areas in the country. There are also areas that are so packed and busy, people forget the stories behind them. I’ve read the history of a few places, and seriously, people took these places for granted.

So while waiting for the holidays season to come, I want to visit a bit of what’s left in Singapore’s history. It could be the museums in the city, the reservoirs or nature reserves around the country, the old estates or even historic places packed with tourists.

I want to let people know about what Singapore can offer.



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