Let’s run at Chinese Garden!

I decided to run at the nearby park to loose some weight before my Bintan trip next month. And I didn’t realise how much I have been ignoring the place. It was the first time I visited Chinese Garden since my traveling-crazy trips to Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. I mean, it’s almost amusing to me, how I wanted to go overseas while completely ignoring what I have back home in Singapore.

There was a seven-storey tall pagoda at the garden that I never had the intention to climb. It was really sunny at 10am and was 29 degree. I thought taking a close look at the pagoda won’t hurt. And I could take a short rest from jogging 3 kilos. When I reached the entrance of the Pagoda, I saw a white cloth, which I thought was covering a dead body with a feet coming out from it. It turned out to be a bride-to-be in her wedding dress laying at the centre of the Pagoda. The groom quickly joined her after a quick touch up to his coat behind the entrance door. Seeing the couple snuggling on the floor, I knew that a photographer must be up there taking a picture. So I ran up the Pagoda to the 7th storey to have a look of how it looks like with them laying at the centre.


I ran out of breath at the 5th storey.

I saw the photographer at the top of the Pagoda shouting instructions to the couple below. I didn’t want to disturb him doing his job so I went out the see the incredible Chinese Garden scenery outside from the balcony. Take a look!


Well, after the photographer was done with his job I quickly went inside again to take a look. The couple were still in position and they looked so good! I couldn’t resist but to take a shot of them myself. They made the right choice coming here to have they pre-wed pictures taken. I was there at the right time!


That great coincidence of having a chance to see a loving couple preserving their moments in pictures, was probably the best perks of exploring places. I left the pagoda feeling so satisfied and couldn’t wait to explore the other monuments in the area. But instead I left the garden, leaving the other parts of it as some kind of surprise for my next visit.

Traveling has changed the way I see places, definitely. I used to walk pass or jog pass places without observing the surroundings. But now that I actually observe the details of a building or the inspiration behind it, the kinds of people sitting at the park and even taking a moment to see how a garden is maintained at a certain way, I realised that I’ve missed out on so many things. And I literally passed the places in daily basis.

I can’t wait to go for another jog at the garden.


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