Burger King made my morning

I’m at Changi Airport T1 now, going to Indonesia. I decided to eat breakfast, since I woke up so early, at Burger King. I wanted heavy breakfast and chose the Kings Platter. YES.

Anyway, the aunty behind the counter (it’s what we, Singaporeans, call a lady who’s a stranger and older than us), asked if I need creamer for my coffee.

Before I answer she said, “It’s at the counter by the side.”

She asked again, “Do you need sugar? It’s also at the counter.”

Then she came with the rest of my orders and asked, “Boy, the ketchup is at the counter too. You can help yourself.”

When I wanted to carry my tray, she asked another question, “Do you need chilli sauce?”

“Oh, is it at the counter too?”

“No, it’s here,” handed me some chilli packets with poker face.

I carried my tray to my seat, laughing to myself, not even sure if the lady intended to make jokes. As soon as I walked away she continued serving the next customer.



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