The Excitement of Traveling

When I’m happy, I write. And when I write I’m happy.

Whenever I’m excited about something, I feel like writing. That’s the very reason for me to create blog. The best part of it is that smart phones and social media made it so much easier to get people to read and show appreciation of what I wrote. That excites me to write.

Traveling. That’s the one word that would catch my attention immediately. When I’m in a library by myself with two strangers talking beside me about their traveling plans, I would be the that weirdo who eavesdrops on them.

Why not strike a conversation with them instead, right?

You can’t talk in a library.

So, I wonder if people feel the same thing as I do when I make travel plans. Because for me, when I plan for my own itinerary I already feel like I’m traveling in my mind. I travel when I read reviews of Tripadvisor. I travel when I see pictures of people standing in front of a famous landmark. I travel when I read posts on wordpress (WordPress, for me, is only for traveling-related posts).

Let me some words from my relative who also shares the same feelings about traveling.

The excitement already begins when we have decided to go, which places to visit, local food to try and even the new kind of transportation to ride. I already have this excitement too right now for the trip I am going to go hopefully this year. Each picture of those who have travelled there makes us cant wait to be there too. The same excitement also comes when we are arranging the ittinerary like how to get to one place to other place, rooms to sleep an even the every cost we have to spend there

Anyway, traveling excites me so much, I created a blog just for it. I know there are many traveling blogs out there but I’d like to write lengthy posts about the places I visited too. Do people read it? Apparently so, thanks to people on wordpress!



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