Another ATV please?

Muddier, more dangerous and daring! ATV in Phuket topped the one I went for in Bintan. The trails were more dangerous with fallen trees and deep mud. I got to see palm tree and rubber tree plantations, swamps and mangroves. One of the resting point was at a nearby beach with spectacular view at low tide. There were small crabs running around too.







I recommend everyone to try this one out! But be sure that you don’t mind a little dirt on you. They provided me with crocs to keep my footwear clean and gave me clean towel at the end of the session. There were lockers available to keep my other stuff. All I needed was my camera phone.


The safety measure, though, was very minimal. The one in Bintan was very thorough with chest, knees and elbows protection. The only protection I got was a cycling helmet. It was nothing compared to the standard motorbike helmet I wore in Bintan. But overall, it worked for me. I somehow felt like a dare devil for a bit. I loved the adrenaline rush it got me.


I booked the ATV tour from The 2-hour tour includes transport to/from hotel, snacks and insurance. Their service was very satisfying.




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