Health is still #1

Phuket trip is over! In only 2 full days of us in Phuket, I got to ride ATV, visit FantaSea, Thailand’s cultural theme park and, went on a full day tour around Phang Nga. The packed itinerary seemed to be too tiring to most of us. We’re now back home with almost everyone having flu symptoms. Well, it is time to rest and get back to routine. (Not for me though, I am going to Malaysia next week!)

This brings me to a very important, yet almost completely ignored, issue when traveling: Health.

I knew that taking multi-vitamin is important. Overall health must not be compromised. But when traveling,  I didn’t even think about health. I must had been too busy enjoying myself.

There’s a valuable lesson here. I think most people would agree if I say that the purpose of a short getaway is to recharge our mind and body before going back to what people call as ‘reality’. Or simply, get back to routines. However, what’s happening to me now is completely the opposite. I am now home, constantly reaching over tissue to blow my nose. It doesn’t seem like I enjoyed my short trip to Phuket, but I did. It just that I fell ill after the whole thing.

I think it’s safe to say that I have to consider getting the flu jab two weeks before traveling. I KNEW ABOUT THIS.

I also have to make sure that I have my supply of vitamin C (1000mg)  ready to be taken everyday during travel. I KNEW ABOUT THIS TOO.

Let this be a reminder to the other travelers out there. Traveling is fun but without good health, you won’t enjoy it.




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