Day 3: What’s at Cameron Highlands?

I woke up to 25 degree windy weather in Cameron Highland, the kind of weather I really hope Singapore had. It didn’t feel like the south east asia that I knew. Cameron Highland is just about 600km from the HOT Singapore.

We had a long day visiting tourist places around the town. We went to a tea plantation, rose valley, lavender farm, bee farm and strawberry farm. There were other locations we didn’t have time to explore.

‘Boh’ tea centre was beautiful. We started our visit to the tea factory where tea leaves are processed. The scenery, on the way to the factory, was already so mind-blowing with the tea trees covering the wavy hills.

Entrace to the factory is free. I had breakfast at their cafe that has the same breath taking view. It was simply the best location to start your day with freshly hand-picked brewed tea and a bowl of cream of mushroom soup with toast. They also sell different kinds of tea products at their shop. There was exhibition on the history of the tea plantations.

Our van driver recommended sunrise viewing with exploration of mossy forest just nearby the factory. Complete the tour with breakfast at the cafe. I didn’t think of such plan. What a bummer.

We proceeded to Rose Valley, Lavender Farm and Bee Farm after breakfast. The farms were not as impressive as the tea plantations. They were there just to attract tourists in the area, charging for self-pick strawberries and flowers. Some of the farms even deviated from their names. Like, Rose Valley, that had unnecessary statues and fountains that looked cheap to me. Lavender farm had only 20% Lavender in the garden. And, I had to pay to enter the farms.

The only farms that didn’t charge for entrance fee were bee and strawberry farm. The bee farm was, well, full of bees. The bees didn’t disturb me at all while walking around the area. They were friendly. The strawberry farm was a legit vegetable and fruit farm, growing lettuce, grapes and strawberry. It was really nice to see the fresh green vegetables. Both the farms have local produce for sale.

I got a chance to visit Tanah Rata during Lunch. It is the centre of Cameron Highland and has many restaurants and cafe that are nicely maintained. I mean, the place even have Starbucks.

It was the last night of us in Malaysia and I ran out of cash. We ate instant noodle back in the apartment and a bbq-ed corn I bought at the Brinchang Town’s night market.



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