Posting of Itineraries

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs written by people with the same passion and realise how new I am in travel blogging. It’s really exciting to explore blogs with posts from all around the world. It is almost as if I got lost in a small town, experiencing new things without leaving home.

What’s so impressive to me was the different ways these writers organise their blogs. Some were really well put together, I want to spend the whole day exploring their contents. Up to now, I’ve combined the different features of other blogs that made exploring convenient for readers. Well, I could only do the easy stuff. I still couldn’t handle codings. Most of the blogs that I read, were customised so beautifully. Take it slow, and I’ll be at that stage one day.

But before organising the blog, content is essential. I realise that many blogs have scheduled posts. I don’t do that (not yet!), because I only write when I’m about to travel and while traveling. Most of the time, I don’t write but read other blogs back home. So today, I stumbled upon Dahlia’s theblacktwig, that has traveling expenses beautifully laid down in pie charts. I was so facinated by it. I mean, it gives other people some ideas how much to prepare before traveling. She even wrote a little story about the expenses, together with tips on how she could’ve had reduced them.

I decided to post my itineraries of my previous trips to Taiwan and the southeast asia countries. Just to give some ideas of where to go for those who want to visit the same places. I have the itineraries on my computer, waiting to be rediscovered.

So hopefully this blog could be as informative as other blogs. There are still many things to learn from writers and travelers alike who are used to writing and traveling.

Is there anything else I could do to improve the blog? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Posting of Itineraries

  1. Normal blogger, like me, don’t necessarily do the like dahlia does, as its hard to record everything, especially when you are not traveling alone, or when you travel with a tour. However, packaging it in a blog is something else, as its not only about travel itinerary, but also what niche in travel you want to cover, as travel is a very broad subject.
    Anyway, happy blogging….. ❤

    1. I agree with you. I posted this for quite some time already but I havent really started doing what I said I want to do. I guess we all have different approach to blog about travel.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!


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