The past 7 weeks. (7 Might be my new favourite number)

I have not stopped thinking about traveling. I speak about traveling to almost every single person I met in Uni. That’s not including the 471684 times I told my family that I’d like, very much, to travel solo. I talk about traveling so much, I think I almost gone ridiculously insane. I mean, I think I need to keep quite at some point.

It’s been 7 week since University started. The same period since my last post on this blog. I have not checked notifications, opened, nor read any posts and I could not wait to read the entries from people I follow. Where they’ve been and what they’ve done during my 7-week of studying.

University has been great. Of course, I shouldn’t expect everything to be easy. There has been lots of new stuff I need to learn because the ultimate goal is to get the degree that I deservedly earn after learning all those stuff. I’m lucky to be able to major a subject that I have so much curiosity in and that I could actually understand. Not those business finance economic stuff. I’m taking about science. It’s about the different reality of the world we live in.

The thing that keeps me thinking about traveling is the fact that I also keep hearing people, the seniors, who’ve been in exchange programmes to other countries. I know someone who’ve either spent a semester or just the summer in the UK, Denmark, Japan, Canada, Indonesia and the US. And I literally asked everyone of them to write down what they experienced. I just want to know what they’ve gone through being abroad. I might actually make some of them uncomfortable with me. I couldn’t help myself.


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