Waterfall to the underground

This is the only underground waterfall I’ve ever seen. And the coolest.

I expected a trip towards some cliffs at the edge of the mountains. Instead, we were taken to a location further away from the mountains and hills. I thought we were not going to see any waterfall due to the rain that was coming.

Just right at the entrance, there was a sign that tells the how the waterfall’s name came about.

“This water fall has been named ‘Patalechhango’ (underground fall). On the 31st of July 1961, while a swiss couple were having a bath in the stream just above the fall in one afternoon, a sudden flood from the Fewa dam swept one of the couple, Mrs Devi, away along with the fall and died. Since then, this fall has also been called ‘Devi’s Fall’. The source of the fall is Fewa Lake which is situated about 2 km to the north. We can get a big fall during the rainy season (June-September). There is a little water in winter. The depth of the fall is about 100m. The water flows through the underground way and out to meer Fursekhula to the south. The income of this fall has been used in the service and construction work of the fall as well as Shree Chhorepatan Higher Secondary School Chhorepatan Pokhara – 17.”


I could only imagine what lies down there.

 September, 2007.



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