What Happened Last Year: Early Morning at Siem Reap

I was half sleeping walking out of the hotel very early in the morning. The wind on the tuktuk woke me up. My hands were numb. I didn’t know Angkor Wat is located in the forest. There was just a long stretch of road leading us deeper into the trees. The air was getting colder. I could see the road lighted only by the tuktuk’s headlight covered with thin fog. I got so cold till I could no longer hold my complain seeing my cousin who brought a jacket for himself.

There were tourists riding bicycle in the same direction, like, what? It was so cold! There were also some locals who brought stuff probably for their business nearby on their bikes and tuktuks.

As you can see from my face on the entrance ticket, I just woke up along the way.


There were so many people head of us and I wondered what time they had to wake up. Or did they sleep at all?

Tourists at Angkor Wat

When I was done taking pictures of the sunrise, there were even more tourists that arrived.


Pictures from the sunrise next week!



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