Our time and money, wasted.

IMG_6612_Fotor_CollageThe only thing that differentiated us is the hair style. And what’s with the beauty mark on my face! I don’t even have a mole on my face.

I was walking around Khao San Road in Bangkok with my two cousins and was not surprised to see so many tourists, mostly non-asian, around the area. The area is most known for backpackers. I was new to exploring city as a backpacker and was feeling a little bit nervous around the area, but some how felt welcome too. I realised the prices for food and accommodation around the place were not special at all, if not, more expensive. It’s probably a tourist trap?

We were excited (or probably just me) to find an artist that could draw those drawings of big heads with small bodies. I didn’t give it much thought. I could have checked if the person really drawn those outstanding samples of celebrities faces displayed at the counter. Or just see that no one was getting their faces drawn. I think you’d have guessed how the drawing turned out.

I went straight up to the artist and asked him to draw three of us in one canvas. And so we spent almost 30 minutes (10 minutes for each face) for him to finish drawing. When I saw the result at the end, again you guessed it, I was disappointed.

But it was cheap. So, I guess I should’ve known that it wouldn’t turn out to be as impressive as the samples on the counter.



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