Day 0: The Night Fright, I mean, Flight.

My flight got upgraded to Business Class. I was excited that my Bid 4 Biz was successful. That means my flight from Singapore to Gold Coast got upgraded to Scoot Business Class. A budget business class? How does it look like?

My flight was at 2225hrs from Singapore and I was already checked in by 1930. Not that I was too excited, but I really had nothing going on. I’m still on holiday and university only starts next week. So this is my last holiday trip before another busy semester starts.

The lady at the check in counter asked, “Where are you going, sir?”

“Gold Coast,” I answered. I was at the priority queue for Business Class. So I skipped the really long line at the regular check-in counter.

“Are you in business class?” she asked me back with a certain tone. Maybe she couldn’t believe it or maybe I was a little nervous to get special treatments.

I said, “Yes,” trying to convince myself that I was, in fact, in the priority check-in counter.

So, how did it look like? It looked like a normal economy class to me. I didn’t expect so much. But I’m grateful for the extra leg room and the luggage allowance and the food and all the Business-class-first priorities. To be honest, the normal sofa-like regular seats looked more comfortable. But I guess, leather seats really pulled up the standard.

The flight was AWEFUL. Is it budget airline thing? Or was is really just the bad weather? The sitbelt sign was on almost the entire time. The continuous turbulence was really annoying. I couldn’t get any sleep. Or I didn’t remember sleeping. The rough landing left me so unsatisfied. My eyes were red and painful, my face was oily and all I wanted was sleep. I just hope the trip back to Singapore won’t be like this. If it’s like this, I won’t take Scoot anymore. I guess paying more really means comfort, which based on this experience would worth a lot!

But I was really thankful that the plane landed safely. Every bumps on that flight reminded me of Airasia tragedy on 28th December. That was one of the reason why I couldn’t sleep.

By 0845, I was all done with immigration. So I washed up, ate breakfast and thought carefully about my next activity.

I planned to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on Day 01 in Gold Coast. But I didn’t think it was a good idea after the bad flight.

4 Jan 2015

5 thoughts on “Day 0: The Night Fright, I mean, Flight.

  1. Ouh, sounds like a horrible flight. Usually, the airline can’t change a thing when it comes to turbulences, it’s the weather. So you can be sure that you’ll have a better flight back. Enjoy your time at the Gold Coast 🙂

    1. Right, man. I wrote this right after landing. Was pretty tired. Haha so, It was the weather.

      I realy enjoyed gold coast! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi there, thanks for following me on Instagram (@mshuangs). Looks like we share the same passion for travel (though I havent been anywhere this year yet. Gotta work on that!) Looking forward to reading more of your travel stories! (:

    1. Oh hey! Thanks for visiting my blog too. Your pictures are amazing on IG! Didnt take too long for me to follow you 🙂 Hahaha


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