Day 1: Australia’s Animals

Australia has the cutest wildlife in the world. Of course, I’m referring to Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Dingos, and the Tree Kangaroos. Skip the crocodiles. The birds are the most amazing too.

The host I got from Airbnb only available after 2pm. So I thought the bad flight shouldn’t stop me from continuing my original plan. I took bus 700 right in front of the Gold Coast Airport straight to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I was hoping not to faint due to the lack of sleep. The decision was that serious.

I felt worse when the bus driver didn’t tell me where the stop of the sanctuary was. I missed it by one stop and the bus went straight to the highway. Great. I had to cross cautiously to the other side toget to the opposite bus stop. This was when I realise Australians are really nice people. The bus driver on my next bus told me not to tap my Gocard since it was just gonna be a stop. “Don’t worry about it, mate, ” he said to me kindly. Then, the lady at the sanctuary gift shop quickly assisted me with my luggage, no question asked. “Let me show you where to keep that,” she said with very warming welcome smile. “Follow me,” she said. All of a sudden, I was all ready to enjoy my day at the park. I forgot about tiredness and all other negative thoughts that might have prevented me from visiting this place.Kangaroo

I bought the Experience Pass online. It includes general admission to the sanctuary and high rope activities at the Adventure Parc. I thought it’s the best deal. I got to see Australia native animals, touched the Kangaroos who were like Kings and Queens, relaxing on the grass while visitors walking around and feed them right under their noses. I saw the tree kangaroos, wallabies, tasmanian devils and cassowaries up close. And of course the ever cute koalas that were everywhere right after the entrance.AnimalsKangaroo Feed

The high rope activities at Adventure Parc were great too! I thought there were restrictions to which courses Experience Pass holder could enjoy. But the guys were really friendly and just let me do all the courses. I did courses by myself, set up flying fox and just enjoy the whole hanging, climbing and flying activities my own pace. The dingoes made howling sounds when I was up in the trees. The atmosphere was incredible. I felt like I was really in the wild. Like Tarzan. With honest.Rope

When I finally done and arrived at my host’s house I was just too tired. I showered and slept the rest of the afternoon. There were some people visited the house but I just didn’t have the energy to socialise.

I visited the famous Surfer’s Paradise at night and ate delicious lamb kebab for dinner. Kebab shops were almost at every corner of Gold Coast. The place was so lively with all the music, people cheering, dancing and shouting. The beach looked good too with spotlights from the buildings.

Surfers Paradise

Without doubt, my trip started really great. And I intend to keep it this way. Explore and expect the unexpected.

5 January 2015


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