Day 5: The Brisbane Experience

Every journey has its climax. For my first solo trip in Australia, it was today. Nothing can beat this day.

The ultimate day out.

I always wanted to explore the city by walking, but walking seemed too boring sometimes. Especially when I’m all alone. Well, at least that was what I thought before the trip. Obviously I contradicted myself because I had a blast walking around the cultural centre the previous day.

Today was double, if not, triple the exploring and double the fun. It did not matter which was better, the fun or the exploring, but I saw a lot of things. I went for a 4-hour cycling tour around Brisbane. It was so much fun. I saw the touristy places, residential places and some local parks. The tour guide gave us fun facts and history about those places. It was completely casual. We even had a small picnic by the park near the Brisbane river.

Cycling views

After the tour, we decided to have lunch together before continuing our separate activities. I never dreamed to make friends so fast. Lol.


Anyway, I went back to the cultural centre to visit the museum. I did not know that the exhibition was free when I came around the area yesterday. There was really cool whale museum, with a life-size whale hanging on the ceiling.

The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), oh, where do I begin. I am a fan of the aboriginal arts that were on display. But sadly I visited it 20 minutes before the museum were closed. I am still thinking about the displays when I left. They were beautiful.


I checked out the obliteration room where I was given colourful
stickers to be pasted on the furniture in the room which were all initially painted white. After thousands of visitors, the room looked beautiful with all the colourful stickers on everything; Including the floors and some parts of the ceiling. I’m still wondering how people managed to get it up there.


My cousin bought me a discounted ticket to watch Passion of Joan of Arc. I have never heard it before. But it was, in its time, like all the blockbuster movies I can easily recall today. The movie was in black and white and was without sound. I was afraid I was going to fall sleep in the theatre but, man, it was a major art. I mean, I was totally immersed! Especially the fact that the  background  music was played by a live band throughout the movie. It was a completely new experience for me. The movie itself was quite something. One of those movies that set you thinking about humanity.

I also sat on the grass right in front of the museum. This might seem weird to write or read, but the grass in Singapore is always either too damp or dry and has lots of sand and insects. The grass that I sat on was like carpet. I mean, I did not get my pants dirty at all. Yeah, I should just stop there. I really enjoyed sitting on the grass today.


There was a Latin dance mob at Queen Street that night. It was a friday night thing. People were dancing with strangers and teach each other salsa and other types of dance. It was free and easy. I was taught some moves by some of those people too. I really enjoyed it. I am not a dancer but it was really hard to resist not to join the crowd.


9 January 2015

4 thoughts on “Day 5: The Brisbane Experience

  1. Oh the grass! I was hesitant to sit on the grass on my first visit to Australia too until I saw everyone doing it…I still wish we can do the same in Singapore but it would just be weird to do here outside…haha…:)

    1. Yeah. I saw people sitting on the grass. There were benches there, buy the grass was actually more comfortable. Hahaa

      1. Yes! Especially when it is warm, it’s nice to lie down on the grass..haha…are you currently in brisbane still?

      2. No i’m back in Sg. This is just my daily journal I scheduled every week. I’m doing scheduled weekly post, just to keep the blog alive. 😅


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