14 Links for Singaporean to explore Singapore

I always say that I want to explore the city, but I never do. From time to time, I come across articles that made it even easier for me to explore Singapore. But still, I don’t seem to start. I admit, I’m one of those people on Facebook who would share links about restaurants and places to visit around the country and tag my friends, telling them “Let’s go!”. Then my friends would acknowledge the posts by clicking “Like”.

While I don’t actually visit most of the places I read online, I saved them in a special bookmark folder on my browser.  I’m going to list every one of them here. Of course, I don’t take credits for making this list. They are just so fun to read. Hopefully I can slowly tick them off my bucket list and write about them here. With this post, it would be so much easier to decide where to start the Explore-Singapore journey. And for those of you who would like to do the same, enjoy this list.


1. What’s better than hanging out in a restaurant serving delicious food under $15. That’s quite a deal in Singapore where everything is getting more expensive. Click here!

2. Traditional food worth trying in Singapore and where to find them! Click here!

3. This one is just for fun. The page list out popular Singapore food together with the calorie counts. Just good enough list to try all the Singapore favourite dishes!

4. The only thing I tried at Katong area is the famous Katong Laksa. It was so good and I returned forgetting the other popular restaurants around. Here is the list of food to try around Katong and East Coast.

5. My favourite list is this one. It has cafes to try at the west side of Singapore. I live in the west. So it’s definitely doable.


6. This list is impressive. It has over 20 things to do at the north of Singapore. The only reason for me to go to the north is when my good friend hold his annual christmas party.

7. The activities on this list are easy and free! They are all over the island, so the list is pretty long.

8. Similar to the previous list, this one is more sports and outdoor activities.


9. I love these places. They proved that there are still places to avoid the crowds!

10. Similar list here. But more pictures and longer list.

11. You won’t think of finding these places in Singapore.

12. Abandoned places  anyone?

13. Or, are haunted places your thing?

14. One word, Museums!



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