End of the trip, Back to the Start

Scary images in my head woke me up that morning. I only slept for a couple of hours. Staying at such a scary hotel, taught me to always check the room out before deciding to check in. Read about it in my previous post (Day 6).

I didn’t shower that morning. I just freshened my breath and washed my face. No, I was not late for the train. I needed to leave the creepy hotel. The only thing that excites me that morning was the feeling of coming home. I’d be meeting my family in Jogjakarta, where I started off my solo trip.

That, and a proper hotel.

I flagged a taxi just next to the Bambu Runcing monument and got to Gubeng train station. After going through the boarding gate and seated at the waiting area, I came to realise that I was about to get on my last train ride. I looked at the people who were waiting for the same train. Many of them brought large luggage and were with their families. The train was going to Bandung, what many would call the Paris of Asia. I wondered how arriving in Bandung would feel like.

When the train came, I already knew what I needed to get comfy. I got my neck pillow, laptop and earpiece with me and my water bottle underneath my seat. The rest of the 4-hour journey to Jogjakarta was smooth; The best ride compared to the first two.

What did I do on the train? Mostly writing/typing. There were so many things in my head. I had to type as fast as I could to pour everything in words. I spent some time on the train to recall the places I visited and people I met.

I experienced a lot of things I wasn’t prepared for. Many things would’ve gone wrong due to my carelessness at times. And that’s a lot of times. I always wonder, do other people experience what I experienced when they travel? I mean, I felt so foolish to actually stayed at a creepy hotel in Surabaya. I could easily say that I would learn from this experience, but the new experiences just keep coming, don’t they? In my first guesthouse at Cemoro Lawang, I did not lock my room properly (In my defense, the wooden door was faulty). I locked the door (fully turned the lock after closing the door), but I didn’t realise that the lock bold did not go through the hole. So when I came back after exploring Bromo that afternoon, I found the door completely ajar. Fortunately I didn’t lose anything. ALL of my important stuff were in the room. Did I learn anything? Absolutely! But there was another experience when I got scammed by the tour agent. Another lesson learned. So many firsts. When I thought I’d be prepared for anything, new experiences just keep coming. I am not complaining, I am astonished! Being in school for as long as I remembered (other than National Service) has taught me little about the tiniest practical things (in the world). These experiences left marks on me as I journey forward. And I am loving it.

And these experiences make good stories. You know when they say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’? Here are the best stories I have collected over the last 6 days of traveling.

The journey to Bromo
Moments at Ijen Volcano
Picturesque Banyuwangi
Picturesque Banyuwangi
Heroes City of Surabaya
 And these has been stories collected from East Java. Java island is huge! I’m sure there are more to see and experience. This trip made me hopeful about traveling in Indonesia. Even doing it solo. The country is huge and stories that went around the world about Indonesia do not reflect what I experienced over the past 6 days. I would definitely come back and discover more.
19th June 2015

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