Alnwick Castle (Alnmouth, Northumberland)

Just an hour away from bustling Edinburgh,Scotland lies this incredible and mind-blowing architecture of the medieval times. Not only does it deliver the most epic sceneries, it’s history dates back 700 years ago. With delicate tales of warfare, romance and chivalry. Well, I am here rather to offer you the traveller insights on this particular place as the history of this place can simply be Googled. 

Harry Potter and Downton Abbey fanatics, I assure you that the margin between fantasy and reality is an utter fog. Currently at this point of time, the castle is focussing  it’s attention to the TV Sitcom ‘Downtown Abbey’. Fear not Harry Potter fans, the interior of the castle has not changed one bit and the remarkable fields and corridors have not been perished.

The castle is known for having many secret passages and deep underground tunnels. These tunnels cannot be accessed now though, but there are special paid tours that brings you into certain rooms of the castle to help you understand the medieval culture which roamed within the walls of Alnwick centuries ago.

Getting to Alnwick Castle

Departure Station: Edinburgh Waverley Station (Virgin Trains)

Arrival Station: Alnmouth for Alnwick Station

Travelling by Bus From Alnmouth Station: Board the X15 which is a 10mins journey to the main bus station in Alnwick and it’s a 5mins walk from the bus station.

Travelling by Taxi from Alnmouth Station: A taxi ride will cost you 10GBP.

Transport Advice: Please take note that Bus-X15 comes almost every half an hour only. Therefore if you are planning to take the bus from Alnmouth Station, plan out your return journey well and give yourself enough time to venture around the town as well before arriving back at the station. The one mistake I made was not to check the return bus journey time of departure and almost missed my train home The town people are extremely friendly. However it is certainly not an easy task to find your way around Alnwick’s town as there are many different junctions and there is no map provided for the town, unless you print it out from Google Maps.

Honestly to put yourself at ease, a simple taxi ride is the safest option from Alnmouth station to Alnwick castle and back.

Places of Interest in the Town: Unfortunately, I spent majority of my time at Alnwick castle and did not have the chance to visit many shops or restaurants within the town.  The victorian town is cozy and settling. A cup of coffee at one of their cafes or a pint of cold lager at the many pubs along the streets, after a long day at Alnwick castle, may just be the best way to end your journey.

Picture time!

Station to Alight
Station to Alight

On the way to Alnmouth Station

On the way to Alnmouth Station

Entrance to Alnwick Castle

Inside of Alnwick Castle

Secret Underground Tunnels


IMG_6189 IMG_6186


‘Downtown Abbey Relic’

Private Passageway

‘Secret inside water well’

A Knight’s Tale
This brings me to the end of my post on Alnwick Castle. I certainly hope that I have been sufficiently informative.

Lastly, do not forget to visit the gift shop to bring some memories back.


2 thoughts on “Alnwick Castle (Alnmouth, Northumberland)

  1. Interesting, I’m planning a trip to Edinburgh in November but am not too sure whether I have time for a day trip out. Is this one better than the Edinburgh castle, you think? Or is it all the same? Haha…:)

  2. Hi Sha!
    Well,personally, both castles are splendid. However Edinburgh Castle is in the heart of the city, whereas you will be greeted by the countryside at Alnwick(Which may offer you a better deal, if you are into peaceful countrysides). They both have such rich history. Alnwick is rather time consuming to travel to, and my personal advice is that Edinburgh Castle will be sufficient for pictures and a change of sight from a normal city landscape. If of course you are a downtown abbey or harry potter fan, Alnwick will not fail to impress. Thank you so much for your comment, do feel free to ask more questions if you have any.


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