Edinburgh, Scotland (Part II)

If you have enjoyed my previous post on Edinburgh, I am rest assured that you will enjoy this more. You see… Exploring the mind-blowing city of Edinburgh was nothing compared to what your eyes is about to feast upon. While on the trip I decided to visit the countryside of Scotland and amaze myself further with the impeccable scenery that one can only imagine to be part of everyday.  There are many tour operators which you can contact to bring you around the countryside. The most famous tour (According to my research) was Rabbie’s. They offered really good deals and the tour guide (An Englishman, ironically) was pleasant and informative.

Tour: Highland Lochs, Glens and Whiskey Day Tour                                       Price:  48GBP

  1. Dunkeld Cathedral and Town

If you have read my previous post, you would have realised that me and Cathedrals go hand in hand. I love the settling ambience and the intricate architecture which shows tremendous effort sedulously showered by the labourers back in those times. Dunkeld Cathedral is located in a spot where the line of reality and fiction is rather blur. The beauty that your eyes lay upon there will certainly leave you with ingrained memories. The town leading to the cathedral is Victorian in nature and also something to look forward too apart from the cathedral.  I managed to capture a few of these ravishing  images.

Dunkled Cathedral
Garden Outside the Cathedral
Scenery facing the Bench above
Entrance of the Cathedral
Field Right outside the Cathedral

IMG_6281  IMG_6275

Little Victorian Town Leading to the Cathedral

2. Hermitage Waterfalls

Just a few mins drive away from Dunkeld lies this huge acre of rainforest which is home to the famous Hermitage Waterfalls. Well, Certainly not the largest rainforest waterfalls I have seen, but it is worth the trip because you get to hike freely through the forest which may either be an adventure or your biggest mistake. I’m just joking… Relax, the tour is equipped with the most experienced tour guides and well my tour guide made the effort to come search for me when i got lost in the forest. That’s right, I did not follow in the footsteps of little Ms. Gretel and Mr. Hansel. I kept going in rounds after walking deep into the forest, SOLO! It literally took me 45 mins to find my way back (Yes! I was missing for 45 mins). The feeling of being lost in a forest in Scotland, that beautiful, gave me perspective. However like every human being, you start to think otherwise and panic overwhelms you. It was an unforgettable experience, but my advice is to always stick to the crowd. Especially if you are with a tour group!

Hermitage Waterfalls
Hermitage Rainforest

3. Queen’s View

Scotland and her Highlands. Yes, her highlands. They are nothing short of breath-taking and unrealistic views. ‘Unrealistic’ in a good sense of course. I felt like I was in one of Leonardo’s painting. Realism was  rather difficult to comprehend at this stage.  The picture speaks a thousand words. Well, I know that many may have thought I got this out of Google. Hehe… Which is obviously the reason to my shameless selfie.




4. Dewar’s Whiskey Distillery 

Whiskey fanatics! This tour is a priceless experience. Well I paid 48GBP, but you get what I mean. Mr. Gary(pronounced as ‘curry’ with a Scottish accent) was an excellent guide. Although understanding his words with a thick Scottish accent was rather a challenge. Nevertheless, he provided us with a top-notch experience at the distillery. Basically, I had not a clue about how whiskey was made. A lot of work! A lot of Science! I had the privilege to taste a 35 years old Malt Whiskey. Well a few sips came at a separate cost of 8GBP. Trust me, this 35 years old whiskey that you try will widen your pupils, create warmth in your chest and leave its taste on your tongue for a while. The memory of that taste is of course something I still cannot get rid off. Writing about it, makes me crave a sip again:( This tour is a must for people who sincerely appreciate the taste of old Malt Whiskey:)


Distillery’s Storage
Bar at the lounge


Entrance to Waiting area

I hope you have been inspired to travel to Scotland. Well I certainly know that I will be heading back one day to explore the other breath-taking highlands. Reminiscing back to when I was sitting on that little bench outside Dunkeld Cathedral,  still makes me feel like it was only a dream.



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