Last summer: East Java

Exams are over (at least for me 💃🏽). Plans for summer are drafted and I’m ready to start posting on this blog, which has been pretty dead this year.

To start off, I’d like to share with you posts from the experiences my friends and I had last summer. Reason being, most of the destinations would be pretty much the same and we’d like to share them in case you want to have the same experience like we did. Since I enjoyed my summer earlier than the other two writers of the blog, here is a short summary of my traveling story last year. It was the best solo experience I have had.

  1. Bromo volcano 
  2. Sunrise at Penanjakan
  3. Ijen volcano
  4. Banyuwangi
  5. Surabaya

The trip changed my view of Indonesia. People were friendly. It is safe. I loved Indonesia. I plan to go back and explore some more.

Doing it alone probably was the best idea to experience the whole thing.



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