Catch Me Up

So much has happened. I have not been writing because of so many reasons. As much as I want those reasons to be genuinely valid to justify the absence new posts, I do not, however, think that anything should have stopped me from writing on this travel blog. Having said that, I do want to list some of the things that might have been taking so much of the writing energy out of me, an in-my-defence matter of fact.

  1. ICN Production
    Photo Credit: ICN Cultural Production Facebook Page

    Since October 2015 till last September 2016, many of the talented NTU students worked on a musical project under ICN (Indonesian Cultural Night) Production, one of the biggest independent art that was staged at the University Cultural Centre. I was involved in the musical as one of the two scriptwriters.

    Photo Credit: ICN Cultural Production Facebook Page

    Working with a close friend and other talented people in their respective job scopes was very time-consuming. Coming out with lines for characters that lived in our heads for months (sometimes even asking myself what would he/she say in this situation I am in) was exhausting, to say the least. The pressure of justifying each of the character motifs and their journeys throughout the story took a lot of discussions between the script writers, art director and producer. We had to seek advice from the act and music directors to prevent conflicting views. Besides, there were lyrics to be written before and after the summer break. We listened to the pre-composed tunes to fit the words in and wrote the lyrics for the composers to work on their magic.

    Photo Credit: ICN Cultural Production Facebook Page

    The whole production team pulled off the entire musical successfully in the third week of school in the new semester. It was such a magical night and I was blessed to be a part of it all.

    Photo Credit: ICN Cultural Production Facebook Page
  2. Creative writing module
    Writing a story that was staged in front of my eyes made me wonder if I should pursue deeper into creative writing. Creating a new world with characters that live and grow in their world with the limitless boundary of imagination seemed like such an attractive skill to have, except that it sucked a lot of the mental capacity of a chemistry undergraduate such as myself. As it turned out, creative writing module was a chore. Poems and poetries that I could not understand reading by myself got me stuck in the whole process of writing my own for submission. I still appreciated the pieces discussed in the class, thanks to the amazing professor, but I decided that although poems and poetries bring out more than feelings of individuals with the powerful tool of words, I am somewhat limited to certain aspects in using it. I honestly got stuck and struggled to produce my writings. Although at the end I still end up with good-enough finalised short stories and poems, I think writing itself hurt my feelings and this has let me down till now.I do not want to get dramatic. That kind of writing may not be for me from the start because what I have been doing is the typical day-to-day journal. But for what it’s worth, I did expose myself deeper in the world of writing.
  3. Less Traveling
    Of course one of the reasons for the lack of writing on the blog is the lack of travelling in 2016. There were trips in 2016, of course, but they felt different. In a way, the trips seemed more like bonding time with people I am close with. Taking time to write during the trips did not feel like a priority. Although it should have been fun, I did not think that my energy was into writing. I know it seems like I swayed with my mood most of the time, which is bad for someone who dreams to be a full-time travel writer, but it was what it was.Also, ICN writing had taken a toll on me during the summer, and a part of me thought that I should take a break from writing at all. Having said all those, I do have the plan to record all the travelling in 2016 later this year. I have so much to tell and keep everything in the record on this blog.

Other reasons kept me away from writing. But they are more personal than the reasons above. I have found myself even more reserved than before and the new year does not feel as exciting as the year before. I keep in my mind, to accept the moment and join the flow with open mind because trying to anticipate what is coming my way seems to be too overwhelmingly worrying and stressful. I still have so much to figure out.

So I wonder to myself about what is it that makes me continue writing now. And the answer is being away from home for over a month and how I have been deciding a lot of things by myself. I am trying to keep track of everything in writing and hopefully gather my thoughts together into written form. I am currently on a semester exchange in Edinburgh, Scotland and boy, I have so much to share. I believe that I have been adapting. And after so much that have had happened, I am finally settling. I slowly realise that I miss my family and Odie, my brown baby lab. I also thought of my fellow friends who write on this blog. I especially miss the food back home.


I hope that writing all these things down is a process of catching up with myself. Letting myself know that I am coping. I might be overly sentimental, but for now, it makes perfect sense.

There will be more coming. And I am so excited to share.


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