In Brief

“Let’s go to Iceland!” one of my friends said within the first month of study abroad. I was not sure about the idea. It felt like the kind of comment you’d say to your friends after discovering a new cafe or restaurant on FB but have no real intention of actually planning a visit.

As you have already guessed, it turned out to be an actual invitation. And after buying return tickets, there was no second thought (why should there be, anyway).

My friends and I stayed for four nights in Reykjavik in an accommodation we found on AirBnB. We rented a car from Rentalcars app and planned our itineraries based on a few blog entries and free Sygic Travel app. We also downloaded free Sygic GPS app for the road, which works seamlessly offline with the Sygic Travel plan by automatically organising the destinations by the shortest route to get to the next. Google map worked fine on our phone too, except that you have to manually choose the destination as you would have already knew how to.

Return Plane Ticket: £162.90
AirBnB (4 Nights): £508.00
Car Rental (5 Days): £262.45

It came up to slightly over £355 per person after sharing the cost of accommodation and car rental. Although it sounds pretty good, the prices above were just the amount we had spent before the trip. Iceland petrol, food (groceries) prices were no joke. Luckily, though to a certain extent, we shared the cost for all.

As for itineraries, they were own-time-own-target kind of thing, which was the perks of driving. We chose our destinations with random stops along the beautiful scenic view of the Icelandic landscape. These were the place we managed to visit:

Day 1


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

All photos are by silalahirfan.


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