City of Fantasy, Ljubljana

Hands down, the best city thus far. I still could not believe this is the capital and the largest city in the country. It is so far from how I expected the capital of a country should be; chaotic, dull and crowded.

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Gorgeous Little Zagreb

Vienna to Zagreb by the UNESCO-listed Semmering rail route WAS AMAZING. Continue reading “Gorgeous Little Zagreb”

Feeling Classy in Vienna

I was in a budget hostel. A hostel. And on a budget. But with the scenes at every corner of the city, I felt like I was underdressed. Continue reading “Feeling Classy in Vienna”

Devin Castle

I am a fan of Game of Throne. And this castle looked like a part of Westeros. Continue reading “Devin Castle”

Charms of Bratislava

I took the train from Budapest to Bratislava in the morning and got there just before the afternoon. The Sunday morning was quiet. I wondered what had happened in the city. I did not expect the capital to be so empty. Continue reading “Charms of Bratislava”

Touristy in Budapest

Waking up in the morning never felt so easy. It was a light, free and easy day around the Pearl of Danube. Continue reading “Touristy in Budapest”

A Surprise in Budapest

I needed a friend. I wanted to go home. Not back to Edinburgh where I study. I wanted to go back to Singapore, a direct flight home. Continue reading “A Surprise in Budapest”

Darn, Cracow.

Cracow’s old town did not disappoint. I loved the medieval atmosphere of bricked old walls and wooden postsĀ as if it was still being used as a fortress. Continue reading “Darn, Cracow.”

The Concentration Camps

I would usually go to the nearby towns by public transport, but I really wanted to have a good time absorbing the atmosphere at the camps in Auschwitz and not waste a lot of energy on the way. I decided to book a tour ( that directly pick me up from my hostel and back. There was even a student price for the tour, which is a no-brainer for me. Continue reading “The Concentration Camps”

Glasgow to Warsaw, the Understatement

Today was the start of my East Europe adventure. And I already made a mistake. Continue reading “Glasgow to Warsaw, the Understatement”

7 Countries and 12 Cities

My first half of the year has been nothing short of amazing. Everything seemed to have happened so fast. Continue reading “7 Countries and 12 Cities”