Me? Hiking? I was sipping tea at the lobby.


Spectacular view from our hotel in Pokhara, Nepal. Continue reading “Me? Hiking? I was sipping tea at the lobby.”

It was an accident


We stopped at a random field to see how food actually grows on soil. We don’t see any crop field here in Singapore. The thing that quickly captured our attention was the clear, fast-moving water in the drain used to irrigate the field. Continue reading “It was an accident”

Waterfall to the underground

This is the only underground waterfall I’ve ever seen. And the coolest.

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Stray Dogs of Kathmandu

We ran into many stray dogs during our stay in Nepal. Some of them with attitude (second from the bottom right).

September, 2007.

I was innocent, I guess…


Back in 2007 on a school trip to Kathmandu, Nepal, I found an interesting-looking leaf in front of my friend’s seat on the bus.  Continue reading “I was innocent, I guess…”