Bangkok, Thailand 3rd Day

‘There is no path to peace. Peace is the path’ – Gandhi Continue reading “Bangkok, Thailand 3rd Day”

Bangkok, Thailand 2nd Day

Temple – hopping day! Well as you already might know, visiting temples in Bangkok is honestly a norm. Continue reading “Bangkok, Thailand 2nd Day”

Bangkok, Thailand 1st Day

Time: 1410 hrs.
Landing for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand was genuinely exhilarating. Continue reading “Bangkok, Thailand 1st Day”

Our time and money, wasted.

IMG_6612_Fotor_CollageThe only thing that differentiated us is the hair style. And what’s with the beauty mark on my face! I don’t even have a mole on my face.
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FantaSea @ Phuket is a MUST

When I was planning out what to do in Phuket for a good family fun, I always came across FantaSea show. I did not know what it was, so I decided to look it up on Youtube. But the videos on Youtube¬†fail to¬†convince me to put FantaSea in the itinerary. I didn’t know what to expect because there seem to be no credible clip of what the show is all about. But it always ended up to be on the top 10 list of things to do in Phuket. Continue reading “FantaSea @ Phuket is a MUST”

Majestic Phang Nga Bay!

Phang Nga bay of Thailand was awesome. We explored caves that were only accessible at low tide, visited isolated mangrove at the other end of the cave and enjoyed the wonderful view of limestone cliffs all around Phang Nga. We swam at the beach, jumped off from the boat while enjoying the late afternoon breeze and sunset before going back to Phuket. Continue reading “Majestic Phang Nga Bay!”

Another ATV please?

Muddier, more dangerous and daring! ATV in Phuket topped the one I went for in Bintan. The trails were more dangerous with fallen trees and deep mud. I got to see palm tree and rubber tree plantations, swamps and mangroves. One of the resting point was at a nearby beach with spectacular view at low tide. There were small crabs running around too.
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Beautiful Laguna

I’m staying in Laguna Phuket for a short holiday with family and in awe with the resort. Laguna Bintan in Indonesia is nothing compared to this beautiful place!
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Day 2: Bangkok

Breakfast at KC Place was so good! For THB120, I could enjoy a delicious fried chicken noodle with refreshing pineapple juice. A very good morning Bangkok! Continue reading “Day 2: Bangkok”

Day 1: Bangkok

I woke up really early to get to Singapore’s Changi Airport for really early check in. I did web check in the day before, so I didn’t have to actually reach Changi at 5 am for the 7am flight to Bangkok. But, oh well, a person like me, I hate rushing. I prefer going early for scheduled activity than getting to the place right on time. It’d have taken more energy for me worrying whether I could make it on time or not. So, being early and just take things slowly was preferred. Plus, I had time to enjoy Subway at Changi T1 with my two cousins, Niko and Yos, who would be with me for the rest of this trip. We ordered foot long sandwiches but ate only half of each. Continue reading “Day 1: Bangkok”