Catch Me Up

So much has happened. I have not been writing because of so many reasons. As much as I want those reasons to be genuinely valid to justify the absence new posts, I do not, however, think that anything should have stopped me from writing on this travel blog. Having said that, I do want to list some of the things that might have been taking so much of the writing energy out of me, an in-my-defence matter of fact.
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18 Things To Do in Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta is one of the travel paradise of Indonesia. Its close proximity to East Java, home of beautiful volcanoes and beaches, and the famous Bali island with all the amazing surrounding islands made it a must-visit destination. You get to experience the culture and the humility of its locals (Trust me, they are unlike the city people in Jakarta or any other big cities in Indonesia). Plus, you get to go back to the past with Borobudur and Prambanan temples, two of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, just an hour away from the city. Continue reading “18 Things To Do in Jogjakarta”

5 Travel Collectibles 

I’m always collecting stuff. No, I’m not a hoarder. I stopped the habit recently because of limited space in my backpack. Also, something about writing helps me to buy less souvenirs when traveling. I guess I just needed something to bring back home. Continue reading “5 Travel Collectibles “

14 Links for Singaporean to explore Singapore

I always say that I want to explore the city, but I never do. From time to time, I come across articles that made it even easier for me to explore Singapore. But still, I don’t seem to start. I admit, I’m one of those people on Facebook who would share links about restaurants and places to visit around the country and tag my friends, telling them “Let’s go!”. Then my friends would acknowledge the posts by clicking “Like”. Continue reading “14 Links for Singaporean to explore Singapore”

8 Short EASY Adventures out of Singapore!

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Why Blog?

I have a little reflection about what I am actually doing. Continue reading “Why Blog?”

Must Try: Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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My Unfortunate Events

Most of my Malaysia trip had been satisfying. Except the part when I got cashless and without ATM and my wallet got lost together with my identity and credit cards.

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Health is still #1

Phuket trip is over! In only 2 full days of us in Phuket, I got to ride ATV, visit FantaSea, Thailand’s cultural theme park and, went on a full day tour around Phang Nga. The packed itinerary seemed to be too tiring to most of us. We’re now back home with almost everyone having flu symptoms. Well, it is time to rest and get back to routine. (Not for me though, I am going to Malaysia next week!)

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Relflection on South East Asia Part 1 Trip

I’m back at home in a typical city environment. The streets are clean and I do feel safer knowing that there is security out there keeping the neighbourhood safe and that people mind their own business. And I don’t have to worry about the budget for the entire day or the next day or till the trip’s over. Continue reading “Relflection on South East Asia Part 1 Trip”

Reflection on Taiwan Trip

This Taipei trip was the first ever trip I planned. I am lucky to have been able to complete the trip pretty much successfully with the company of my two good friends, Alex and Murtadha. Continue reading “Reflection on Taiwan Trip”