My Unfortunate Events

Most of my Malaysia trip had been satisfying. Except the part when I got cashless and without ATM and my wallet got lost together with my identity and credit cards.

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Health is still #1

Phuket trip is over! In only 2 full days of us in Phuket, I got to ride ATV, visit FantaSea, Thailand’s cultural theme park and, went on a full day tour around Phang Nga. The packed itinerary seemed to be too tiring to most of us. We’re now back home with almost everyone having flu symptoms. Well, it is time to rest and get back to routine. (Not for me though, I am going to Malaysia next week!)

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Relflection on South East Asia Part 1 Trip

I’m back at home in a typical city environment. The streets are clean and I do feel safer knowing that there is security out there keeping the neighbourhood safe and that people mind their own business. And I don’t have to worry about the budget for the entire day or the next day or till the trip’s over. Continue reading “Relflection on South East Asia Part 1 Trip”