Hello 2016

As the clock strikes 12, bringing us to a new year, we reflect on what we have done in 2015. Well, at least I did. Having to study full time in university and work on non-school days is really demanding. Many had told me to quit my job and just focus on my studies. Wouldn’t it be much easier and less stressful and tiring? Definitely! But I am willing to put myself through this to earn enough money for my hobby – that is to travel! If you want something so badly, you can always find a way to do it! Traveling has always been an escape route for me to temporary leave behind my hectic lifestyle. Continue reading “Hello 2016”

My Travel Flashback 2015

Well, this year has offered me a fruitful journey to reminse upon for many years to come. 2015 has officially boost my travelling experiences and adventures. Regardless of the amount of time and money spent into doing the trips I am about to mention, I have felt a sense of achievement as a solo traveller and a walker of this earth. In total, I have managed to cover 5 cities/towns and yet it just never feels enough…Here’s a quick summary of all my trips this year, enjoy! Continue reading “My Travel Flashback 2015”

Travel Stories in 2015

My year went with full of surprises. Academically, university life went really great in the first half of the year, but not so great (I think. Results are not out yet) in the second half. I have to admit, one thing that made the difference is my social life (and I don’t even have a girlfriend (yet)). Continue reading “Travel Stories in 2015”

It’s been a year since I discovered that passion for traveling is a thing.

Started off with Taiwan, exactly a year from today. The trip was to celebrate freedom from National Service.

Taipei Continue reading “It’s been a year since I discovered that passion for traveling is a thing.”

The past 7 weeks. (7 Might be my new favourite number)

I have not stopped thinking about traveling. I speak about traveling to almost every single person I met in Uni. That’s not including the 471684 times I told my family that I’d like, very much, to travel solo. I talk about traveling so much, I think I almost gone ridiculously insane. I mean, I think I need to keep quite at some point. Continue reading “The past 7 weeks. (7 Might be my new favourite number)”

The Past 7 Months

University is finally starting soon. So what happened in the past 7 months?

Continue reading “The Past 7 Months”

Instant happiness in ten simple steps!

This is my first reblog on WordPress! I thought this post is really good for me personally (reminder that I can still be happier when not traveling 😢) and hopefully equally useful for the others out there!

Posting of Itineraries

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs written by people with the same passion and realise how new I am in travel blogging. It’s really exciting to explore blogs with posts from all around the world. It is almost as if I got lost in a small town, experiencing new things without leaving home. Continue reading “Posting of Itineraries”

The Excitement of Traveling

When I’m happy, I write. And when I write I’m happy.
Continue reading “The Excitement of Traveling”

A question

I have a question for those who travel a lot.

How do you contain your excitement, the last few days before you travel?

Because I don’t seem to be able to focus on whatever I’m doing right now. I’m here, but my mind has already started traveling.

Burger King made my morning

I’m at Changi Airport T1 now, going to Indonesia. I decided to eat breakfast, since I woke up so early, at Burger King. I wanted heavy breakfast and chose the Kings Platter. YES.

Anyway, the aunty behind the counter (it’s what we, Singaporeans, call a lady who’s a stranger and older than us), asked if I need creamer for my coffee.

Before I answer she said, “It’s at the counter by the side.”

She asked again, “Do you need sugar? It’s also at the counter.”

Then she came with the rest of my orders and asked, “Boy, the ketchup is at the counter too. You can help yourself.”

When I wanted to carry my tray, she asked another question, “Do you need chilli sauce?”

“Oh, is it at the counter too?”

“No, it’s here,” handed me some chilli packets with poker face.

I carried my tray to my seat, laughing to myself, not even sure if the lady intended to make jokes. As soon as I walked away she continued serving the next customer.