Little did I know…

I was on an exchange as a chemistry student. I was looking forward to the time spent in the labs doing wet chemistry for hours.

The Globe Theatre sounded like a science exhibition for me. I am so embarrassed admitting it.

Little did I know, I would teach five graders about Shakespeare and the significance of this theater in the Elizabethan era and today’s world.

Can anyone tell me where in London is this junction located?

I started updated this blog again this Christmas.

Who knew that within four years, the world would become so different. I remember watching the movie Contagion thinking that nothing would come close to a viral pandemic situation that affects every country on Earth. We would never let that happen! The fiction movie was just fiction. But obviously, we took things for granted.

It’s difficult to remember the problems that the world had back then. Four years ago suddenly seems ideal, whatever flaws it contained.