Castle on the Hill

Just like Ed Sheeran’s song.

I am not sure if this is the castle that the scottish artist refers to in his song, because there are many other castles on the hills in Scotland. But everytime I look at this castle I am reminded of the lyrics, we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill. And, gosh, the sunset in the city of Edinburgh is probably the most amazingly romantic, leaving one with great sense of nostalgia thinking about it.

The Town’s Crown

I didn’t know the existence of this town. It was on my facebook feed one day from a tour agency page I recently had liked.

It sells probably the best fish and chips in the UK, and also some of the quirkiest small restaurants by the shore. A walk up further to the hill I found McCaig’s Tower, a Roman-Colosseum-like structure.

Looking at the structure from the sea level gave me an intriguing perspective. How would the view be like if there were a spotlight from inside the structure, having beams of light protruding out of those gaps within the stone at the top of the hill?