14 Links for Singaporean to explore Singapore

I always say that I want to explore the city, but I never do. From time to time, I come across articles that made it even easier for me to explore Singapore. But still, I don’t seem to start. I admit, I’m one of those people on Facebook who would share links about restaurants and places to visit around the country and tag my friends, telling them “Let’s go!”. Then my friends would acknowledge the posts by clicking “Like”. Continue reading “14 Links for Singaporean to explore Singapore”

Japanese Garden

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my jog today. I began with a non-stop 2 km run, which was pretty quick, and continued with another 4km walk-jog. I wanted to explore more of Chinese Garden today, but the site was filled with primary/elementary school kids having field trip. There were more than 400 of them and they were split in to groups of 6 to 10. What amazed me was that each group had their own iPad as guide! Time has really changed huh? Continue reading “Japanese Garden”

Let’s run at Chinese Garden!

I decided to run at the nearby park to loose some weight before my Bintan trip next month. And I didn’t realise how much I have been ignoring the place. It was the first time I visited Chinese Garden since my traveling-crazy trips to Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. I mean, it’s almost amusing to me, how I wanted to go overseas while completely ignoring what I have back home in Singapore. Continue reading “Let’s run at Chinese Garden!”