The Cliché

Travel bloggers have a common expression about the town they have visited and loved. They’d say that they had left a piece of their heart in the town.

To say that I miss this view, or rather the highlands of Scotland, is an understatement. I quite feel the ache in my heart by looking at this picture. It longs to be reunited with its piece.

A Visit to the Great Hall

I was bought into the idea of going to the original inspiration of the Great Hall in the Harry Potter series. The Oxford’s Christ Church College’s dining hall holds even more stories to itself. From the history makers that used to consume their meal in the cosy hall, the pictures hung on the walls, and even the stained glass windows, I won’t be surprised if it requires more than a day meal to finish hearing the stories. I was especially amazed that the characters from Alice in Wonderland by C Lewis, who studied in the college, are hidden in the figures on the stained glass.

Back to the 1800s

I was sitting by the ledge over the opposite side of River Thames across Big Ben. Focusing on the way the light highlighted the architectures of the houses of parliament and the buildings along the river, I could almost make up the clip-clop sound of horse hooves, pulling carriages around the city. I mean, try it by looking at this picture.

Castle on the Hill

Just like Ed Sheeran’s song.

I am not sure if this is the castle that the scottish artist refers to in his song, because there are many other castles on the hills in Scotland. But everytime I look at this castle I am reminded of the lyrics, we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill. And, gosh, the sunset in the city of Edinburgh is probably the most amazingly romantic, leaving one with great sense of nostalgia thinking about it.

Harry Potter Bridge

I remember thinking, Am I dreaming?

I keep thinking how far I have gone from Medan, Indonesia, to seeing this particular location somewhere in Scotland’s highlands. This place is probably one of the most iconic movie location that I keep with me since childhood.

Now that I am back home, it feels like a dream.

The Town’s Crown

I didn’t know the existence of this town. It was on my facebook feed one day from a tour agency page I recently had liked.

It sells probably the best fish and chips in the UK, and also some of the quirkiest small restaurants by the shore. A walk up further to the hill I found McCaig’s Tower, a Roman-Colosseum-like structure.

Looking at the structure from the sea level gave me an intriguing perspective. How would the view be like if there were a spotlight from inside the structure, having beams of light protruding out of those gaps within the stone at the top of the hill?