Day 1: 5 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

I’m going on a 5-day trip around Malaysia, from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and then Cameron Highland. Train tickets, apartments, coaches and my flight ticket back to Singapore are already booked. Itinerary for the whole trip is planned with a lot of landmark visits and food hunting. I have five friends who are going with me on this very exciting trip!

Already awake at 5:30 am, it was not the best sleep I had, too excited I guess. I cooked delicious omelette (how good can they get, right?) with toasts and Mie Sedap Goreng to start the day! I was thinking I should have myself a heavy breakfast since we only gonna reach KL at around 4pm.

It was crowded in the early morning MRT as people were going to work. I had to squeeze a little with my backpack and sweat here and there because of the morning walk to the station. Very humid morning. Luckily, after the transfer at train interchange, the train was not so crowded and I get to sit till Kranji MRT.

I took 178 bus from the bus stop opposite Kranji MRT. For those who need some information, there is also bus 170 that goes to the same Woodlands Train Checkpoint. That is different with the bus 170x which doesn’t go to the train station. From the MRT, the train station is at the 5th stop after and it took me 7 mins to get there. People were already queueing at the entrance to the train checkpoint but it wasn’t that crowded. The train had many seats empty.


Immigration checks for Singapore and Malaysia were done at the train checkpoint. And as the train moved off at 8:35 from Singapore, all I needed to do was to enjoy the ride till we reach our destination for the day: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Except, I wasn’t able to enjoy. I was excited at first, but the long train rides made my butt, back and neck ache. I got bored and decided to play some games on my phone or my 3DS, then I got a little sick because the train moved a little bumpy. So I slept. When I woke up, I stared out of the window and see lots of palm trees and was bored after awhile. The cycle continued. It felt like forever. My eyes were getting dry because of the really cold air-con and my face was turning oily.


But by 3:42pm I looked out by the window on my right. At a distance I saw silhouette of tall buildings covered by really thick haze. One of the not-so-clear figures were the two identical towers joined together by a bridge, the Petronas Twin Tower. I finally reached KL. After was more than 7 hours of boring train ride, I started to feel excited again.

As I reach Sentral Kuala Lumpur, I collected the night’s train tickets to Penang and drop my backpacks there. I didn’t know they provide bag-drop service and was ready to bring bulky bags to the Petronas tower. Thankfully they did and I was more than happy to pay the RM5-for-a-day bag drop.

I took the Rapid KL (MRT) to KLCC MRT where the towers are. The MRT goes towards Gombak MRT from KL Central and it cost me RM1.60.

As planned, I got to see the Petronas twin towers! It was drizzling, though. But it was great that my friends and I got to take a few pictures to prove that we were in town before the downpour started.


There were a lot to see around the malls in the area. Food was also plenty and much cheaper compared to that in Singapore (mostly half Singapore’s price!)

I got back at KL Sentral by 9 to catch our train to Butterworth at 9:30pm. This was the sleeper train that concluded our day.


That was day one! Four more to go!




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