5 Travel Collectibles 

I’m always collecting stuff. No, I’m not a hoarder. I stopped the habit recently because of limited space in my backpack. Also, something about writing helps me to buy less souvenirs when traveling. I guess I just needed something to bring back home.

The memories are essentially what people want to bring back home with them. While most people take a lot of pictures, my favourite is writing a journal. After the whole day of traveling and experiencing things, I would sit quietly and jot down the food I tried, the activities I did or landmarks I visited. That’s how this blog come about.

What other things do I collect? After going to so many places, I have collection of souvenir thab I don’t even display. It’s as if they increase in value after a long time. But to me, they kind of do. I mean, when I open the drawer where I keep these things, it’s as if I open a drawer to hundreds of memories. Flashbacks everywhere. They really are my special treasures. Here they are.

1) Key chains

Key chains are my favourite. They are not that expensive, unless you bought them from the tourist-trap souvenir shops or from the airports. I used to buy key chains from every destinations. I mean I still do now, but not those expensive ones. I used to buy them from the Museums, but it doesn’t really matter. As long as I can remember where I bought them and it is good enough. For some reason, I never forget where I got them.

2) Coins

This collectible literally have value. I try to collect all the values each currency has. They are easy to collect and don’t take up much space.

3) Magnets

Must haves, right? Isn’t it a nice view to see a fridge with so many magnets from different countries? They sure are conversation-starter when you have friends over.


4) Mugs 

Some mugs are pretty. Some are pretty expensive. But I have been collecting these for a while and I have 4 shelves at home just for mugs. I got them not only from destinations, but also exhibitions like those Madame Tussaud’s, Harry Potter or Broadway shows like Annie and The Lion King.


5) Starbucks Tumblers

This is my least favourite, but once you start, it’s kind of hard to stop. And the thing is, Starbucks are all over the world (not really, though. But you know what I mean). The bigger countries even have their cities’ names on the tumblers. I stopped when I realised I’m running out of storage space for these, and yes, they’re too expensive.

What other things do you collect?



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